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thanks to my homegurl zoboomafools for tagging me
struggled trying to answer most of these questions

Name: grace
Birthday: july 3rd
Favorite color: pink 
Lucky number: don’t have one

Height: 5’4 in (i wish i was taller)
Talents: pfft i wish
Last dream you remember: i can never remember my dreams
Can you juggle: no 
Art/sports/both: i walk a lot and enjoy looking at art but i’m not athletic and don’t have any artistic talent
Do you like writing: sometimes, depends what i’m writing about
Do you like dancing: yes. alone because i’m an awkward dancer
Do you like singing: i like humming more

Dream vacation: i just want to travel the world
Dream guy/gal: don’t think i have one
Dream wedding: too early to think about that
Dream pet: i want 2 or 3 dogs, one of them must be a french bulldog, maybe a cat or a bunny 
Dream job: not even sure what i’ll do after college yet

Favourite song: can’t choose but songs from the 90s make me happy
Last song you heard on the radio: i don’t like listening to the radio, every station plays the same songs over and over again
Least favourite song: can’t think of one right now but theres a few
Least favourite album: none


Guys/girls/both: guys 
Eye colour: no preference
Humorous/serious: both
Taller/shorter: taller

Biggest turn-off: smokers (i’m very allergic)
Biggest turn-on: how do i answer this???)someone who is selfless? 

i tag cowabunguh and tinytsunamis

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ViVi beauty & fashion model, fluent in English: Mayuko Kawakita.
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ViVi beauty & fashion model, fluent in English: Mayuko Kawakita.

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Annabel Rosendahl is wearing a white shirt from Helmut Lang, trousers from Isabel Marant, shoes from 3.1 Philip Lim, bag from Proenza Schouler and sunglasses from Celine
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